Ali A. Dönmez

Ankara, Turkey

A Case Study of the Abandoned Fibre and Oil Crop Plant (Linum usitatissimum) with Special Reference to Recultivation in Turkey ​Volume 40Issue 4385 - 391
A New Record for the Flora of Turkey: Orobanche palaestina Reut. (Orobanchaceae)Volume 38Issue 2149 - 154
A New Record of Nigella L. (Ranunculaceae) for Flora SyriaVolume 38Issue 4307 - 309
A pathway to break seed dormancy of endemic Nigella turcica Dönmez & Mutlu (Ranunculaceae): GA3 and KNO3Volume 41Issue 4317 - 320
Biogeographic and Taxonomic Contributions to the Genus Sorbus L. (Rosaceae) in Turkey: Sorbusbuschiana and S. luristanicaVolume 45Issue 3337 - 341
Claw Wing: Unnoticed Character in Floral Morphology of The Genus Dianthus (Caryophyllaceae) with Taxonomic Implication and a New SectionVolume 42Issue 4479 - 484
DNA from Leaf or Stem: A Comparative Work on Dianthus L. for DNA Barcoding Analysis with Four Commercial Extraction KitsVolume 48Issue 4333 - 339
Saponaria suffruticosa (Caryophyllaceae): An enigmatic species from South-west Asia on border of Turkey and IraqVolume 37Issue 3181 - 187
Taxonomic and Biogeographic Contributions to Some Genera of Caryophyllaceae Family in Turkey ​Volume 41Issue 2103 - 113
Teucrium melissoides Boiss. & Hausskn. ex Boiss. (Lamiaceae): A New Record for Flora of TurkeyVolume 38Issue 4291 - 294
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