Volume 38 - Issue 4 - 291 - 294

Teucrium melissoides Boiss. & Hausskn. ex Boiss. (Lamiaceae): A New Record for Flora of Turkey

Teucrium L. is one of the well-known genus for botanists and it belongs to Section Scordium Boiss. of Lamiaceae which is represented by a single species, T. scordium L. in Turkey. An interesting Teucrium specimen has been collected from south-east Turkey, Şırnak. The specimen was identified as Teucrium melissoides Boiss. & Hausskn. ex Boiss. The species is a new record for the Flora of Turkey and it is closely allied to T. scordium L. The type specimen of the taxon has been examined at G herbarium alongside other specimens of the taxon and photographed. The descriptions of the species given in both Boissier and Rechinger have been revised and it is enlarged by giving the measurements of various characters here. A photograph of the type specimen and the Turkish material taken from field has been supplied with a map. 

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