Volume 38 - Issue 2 - 149 - 154

A New Record for the Flora of Turkey: Orobanche palaestina Reut. (Orobanchaceae)

Orobanche palaestina Reut. is a species that was first described from Palestine by Reuter in 1847. Orobanche L. is a large genus mainly distributed throughout subtropical and tem- perate regions of the northern hemisphere. The Mediterranean region is one of the most important centers of diversity. The species was collected for the first time from the seashore of Samandağ in Hatay and it is a new record for the flora of Turkey. The description, pic- tures of the type species from the Geneva herbarium and field, and a distribution map are given. Diagnostic characters and its taxonomic relationship with closely allied taxa are dis- cussed here. The genus Orobanche has been represented by 39 species due to this new record in Turkey. 

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