Volume 42 - Issue 4 - 479 - 484

Claw Wing: Unnoticed Character in Floral Morphology of The Genus Dianthus (Caryophyllaceae) with Taxonomic Implication and a New Section

Pençe Kanadı; Dianthus (Caryophyllaceae) Cinsi için Fark Edilmemiş Bir Karakter, Taksonomik Önemi ve Yeni Bir Seksiyon

The specimens of Dianthus pinifolius Sm. were collected during a field trip to the Bulgarian border of NW Tur- key. It was recognized that the petals have a pair of wing on claw and it has a billamellate shape. Hairs, colour zonation of the limb, and ridges on the claws have been long known as typical petal characters of Dianthus. In this study claw wing is recognized in this species of the genus for the first time and reported to the scientific community. Generic circumscription of Dianthus L. is enlarged by recognition of the claw wing by comparing with the other genera of the Caryophyllaceae. Furthermore, in consideration of the diagnostic characters for delimiting the infrageneric taxa, the presence of claw wing is justified as a diagnostic character for describing a new section of Dianthus, hence Sect. Pinifoli Dönmez sect. nov. proposed as a new section for the genus. Diagnostic characters of the section, description, detailed illustration and a composed picture of the type spe- cies are also supplied. 

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