Heavy metal

Application of the Heavy Metal Pollution Index for Surface Waters: A Case Study for ÇamlıdereVolume 44Issue 4499 - 504
Investigation of the Siderophore Production and Associated Heavy Metal Accumulation Potential of Brevibacillus laterosporus 301/İK3-2Volume 51Issue 3317 - 325
Levels of Heavy Metals and Certain Macro Elements in Potable and Tap Water at Van City CenterVolume 39Issue 4391 - 396
The Role of Different Metal and Heavy Metal Ions on Chromium Reduction by Pseudomonas mendocina DS0601- FX-P22 ​Volume 43Issue 4295 - 300
Toxicity of Individual/Combined Effect of Zn+2, Fe+2, Cu+2 to Synechocystis sp. E35 Isolated from Kucukcekmece Lagoon, IstanbulVolume 40Issue 3227 - 231
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