Anatomy, Palynology of Endemic Cyclamen pseud-ibericum in Mediterranean Phytogeographic Region of Turkey and Chemical Analysis of Its Tuber Extracts ​Volume 43Issue 2105 - 113
Antioxidant Capacity and Essential Oil Composition of Hypericum thymopsis Boiss. (Hypericaceae) from TurkeyVolume 49Issue 4385 - 390
Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil of Scutellaria orientalis L. subsp. virens (Boiss. & Kotschy) J. R. Edm. from TurkeyVolume 44Issue 125 - 28
Saponaria suffruticosa (Caryophyllaceae): An enigmatic species from South-west Asia on border of Turkey and IraqVolume 37Issue 3181 - 187
The Taxonomical Position of Arabis Graellsiiformis Hedge (Brassicaceae) that It’s Known as an Endemic Species of Turkey ​Volume 40Issue 169 - 74
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