A Standard Method Verification for Determination of Sugar Content of Commercial Fruit Juices by HPLCVolume 51Issue 3289 - 295
Cloud Point Extraction and Determination of Cyclopiazonic Acid and Tenuazonic Acid in Tomato JuiceVolume 42Issue 3387 - 393
Determination of Ochratoxin A in Grape Wines after Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction Using High Performance Thin Layer and Liquid Chromatography– Fluorescence DetectionVolume 40Issue 2155 - 163
Enrichment of Ochratoxin A in Cereals Using Ionic Liquid Based Dispersive Liquid-Liquid MicroextractionVolume 43Issue 299 - 104
Factors Affecting Histamine and Tyramine Formation in Turkish White CheeseVolume 36Issue 3197 - 206
Optimization of lon Pair Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography Separation of α-aspartame and Breakdown ProductsVolume 37Issue 167 - 75
Preparation of Hydrophobic Monolithic Columns for On-line Solid-phase Extraction Coupled with HPLC for the Determination of Trace Level Benzo[a]pyreneVolume 45Issue 2143 - 151
RP-LC Determination of Dissociation Constants and Quantitative Estimation of Antiulcer drugs, Famotidine, Nizatidine and Ranitidine in their Dosage FormsVolume 43Issue 3159 - 166
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