Volume 36 Issue 3


Dear readers of the Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry,

Science and technology policy is usually considered as all the forethoughts and organizations that ensure the improvement of science and research activities of the nation, related with its economic, social and political situation and requirements. 

New Contributions to the Flora of Beytepe Campus (Ankara) and Floristic Comparison with Neighboring Floras and Other Campus Floras
181 - 195
Factors Affecting Histamine and Tyramine Formation in Turkish White Cheese
197 - 206
Removal of Butylated Hydroxyanisole with Enzyme Based Polymerization Using Organo-Clays
207 - 214
A New Adsorptive Square-Wave Stripping Voltammetric Method for the Trace Analysis of Germanium
215 - 221
Solid Phase Extraction Technique in Analytical Chemistry (A New Preconcentration and Separation Method for The Determination of Trace Heavy Metal Ions in Natural Samples)
235 - 246
PAN-Based Pd-doped Activated Carbon Fibers for Hydrogen Storage: Preparation, A new Method for Chemical Activation and Characterization of Fibers
247 - 253
Carrier Free Cross-linked Peroxidase Aggregates: Synthesis and Characterization
255 - 261
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