Volume 42 - Issue 4 - 557 - 562

Some Biomarkers of Kidney Diseases

Böbrek Hastalıkları için Bazı Biyobelirteçler

Kidneys are one of the indispensible organs of our body especially for hemostasis and responsible for regu- lates arterial pressure, blood filter, water balance, gluconeogenesis etc. Renal diseases have been divided acute kidney injury and chronic kidney diseases according to glomerular filtration rate. At last stage of glome- rular filtration rate (5. stage) is not only harmful but also irreversible stage, for overcoming this stage kidney transplant and dialysis are important medical cares. Nowadays biomarkers are useful indicator for diagnostic, therapy and monitoring of diseases control. In this review, some biomarkers were represented and supported by research articles for diagnostic chronic kidney disease with acute kidney injury. 

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