Volume 37 - Issue 1 - 47 - 53

Heavy Metals Contents in Caulerpa racemosa var.cylindracea from Turkish Coastline

Caulerpa racemosa var.cylindracea is a well-known invasive marine seaweed in the Mediterranean sea since 1991. Inasmuch as there is no a valid eradication method for Caulerpa  racemosa var.cylindracea so far, this species still continues to invade the Mediterranean sublittoral ecosystem. Seven heavy metal (Cu, Cd, Zn, Mn, Fe, Cr and Pb) contents from four season in the Caulerpa racemosa var.cylindracea were investigated in the present study. While some metal contents varied seasonally, Cr and Pb were remained under  detection  limits  in  Caulerpa  racemosa  var.cylindracea.  The  possible  frond abnormalities are tried to be associated with metal levels in the present study.  Further researches on the uptaking mechanisms of the heavy metals in Caulerpa racemosa var.cylindracea are strongly recommended in the present study.

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