Volume 42 - Issue 4 - 545 - 549

Essential Oil Composition of Papaver rhoeas L. (Corn poppy) (Papaveraceae) from Turkey

Türkiye’de Yetişen Papaver rhoeas L. (Gelincik) (Papaveraceae)’ın Uçucu Yağ Kompozisyonu

The genus Papaver is represented with the 50 taxa Turkey Flora, and it is the important genus in means of medicinal and aromatic plants. It has different type alkaloids. In the mediterranean, corn poppy greens are eaten as a vegetable. In this study, Papaver rhoeas L. was collected from the Elazig region and analysed chemically to determine the essential oil composition. The essential oil of the aerial parts obtained by hydrodistilla- tion from Papaver rhoeas was investigated by GC and GC-MS. The essential oil yield is 0.2 % (v/w). Twenty one constituents were comprised the 98.6% of the total essential oil extracted from the plant. The predominant compounds of Papaver rhoeas were determined as phytol (52.8%), tricosane (7.8%), 2-pentadecanone (6%), heneicosane (5.3%). Consequently, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons were shown to be the main group of essential oil of the species. 

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