Volume 38 - Issue 4 - 311 - 317

A Comparison of Two Different Diets and Their Restricted Groups in Relation to Developmental Time and Viability in Drosophila melanogaster

Effects of dietary conditions on many life history traits have been studied for a long time with Drosophila. However, many laboratories use different diets and techniques, which make it difficult to compare the results obtained from various studies. For this reason an optimization protocol for dietary restriction (DR) studies seems to be necessary and in fact recently an optimization protocol published by Bass et al. [1]. In our study we compared the standard diet (S) that we use in our laboratory and the proposed diet (P) with the restricted groups of both diets. In our work, differences between two different dietary protocols with respect to egg-to-adult viability and developmental time were investigated. The P diet did not show any significant differences between the groups with respect to developmental time. On the contrary, the S diet showed significant differences in the yeast and yeast + sugar restricted groups when compared with the respective control and sugar restricted groups. 

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